Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 (link opens in new window)



  • Bedford Borough Council have been developing a Local Plan, covering future new developments across the Borough and there have been 4 public consultations. The latest version proposes 500 additional dwellings for Sharnbrook.
  • The latest consultation covers housing needs through to 2030 whereas previous consultations have looked at housing needs to 2035.
  • The consultation period started on 18th September and finished on 30th October.
  • The Parish Council believes that the allocation for Sharnbrook is flawed, and encouraged people to make representation on the Local Plan during the consultation period.
  • Sharnbrook is presently developing a Neighbourhood Plan. Following agreement on the number of houses required for Sharnbrook, the Neighbourhood Plan will be used to define the sites for development and influence the type and design of houses.
  • At this stage, therefore, the focus is to influence the Local Plan to reduce the proposed number of dwellings allocated to Sharnbrook.


The 6 week consultation period ended on 30th October 2018. We are now waiting for publication of the final Local Plan from Bedford Borough Council before moving ahead with our Neighbourhood Plan.



Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work. The government has introduced the community right to do neighbourhood planning through the Localism Act.

At the request of Sharnbrook Parish Council, a group of volunteers is meeting regularly to produce a neighbourhood plan for Sharnbrook parish. For this to be a success we need the ideas and views of as many people as possible who live here. To achieve this we have planned:

  • Friday 1st December 2017: Stall at the Sharnbrook Christmas Fair - thank you to everyone who visited the stall
  • Saturday 13th January 2018: Launch event at Sharnbrook Village Hall - we had over 250 visitors!
  • Completed: Analysis of public ideas and comments
  • In progress: Character Studies
  • In progress: Key Views
  • Upcoming: Formal Questionnaire